What is Medium Artist Collective?

Medium is an artistic collective created to combine traditional visual arts and new technologies, blending matter and virtuality.

Founded by Valeria Degli Agostini and Erica Garbin in 2020, Medium creates sinergy between antithetic artistic paths, questioning the possibilities offered by new technologies alongside tradition.

Metaland is a project that explores the possibilities of the metaverse by comparing it with the tradition of embroidery, photography and painting.


Erica Garbin

Erica Garbin graduates in Udine at “G. Sello” in techniques of graphics, art printing and photography. She completes her studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts – scenography and costume department – and also graduates from the three-year course at the IED – European Institute of Design in Turin; she attends the course of artistic anatomy at the GB Tiepolo Academy of Fine Arts with professor Alberto Lolli and Giancarlo Venuto.

She currently works and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

Valeria Degli Agostini

Valeria Degli Agostini graduates from the artistic high school “A. Modigliani” in Padova, experimental address in painting, sculpture and architecture. She obtains a master’s degree in 3D computer graphics from Big Rock, Treviso, and graduates in Visual and Performing Arts from the IUAV in Venice in 2015. 

Her artistic studies continue at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in parallel with the profession of motion graphic designer.


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